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Learning make-up with a soft and gentle Thai tone will be a trend for girls this year. The make-up steps are also extremely simple, giving a new and fresh look with a very Western tone. You can confidently stroll around the streets with a beautiful and radiant appearance in front of the crowd.

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Identifying Thai-style make-up

Learn about the makeup style standards of Thai tone compared to lớn other makeup styles. Thai tone is one of the makeup styles that has been adapted from the West, with harmonious adaptations to lớn Asian facial features. The advantages of this makeup style are its beauty, sophistication, and allure, which strongly embody Eastern characteristics.

The outstanding advantages of Thai-style make-up

  • Earthy orange or light brown tones are the main colors
  • Matte foundation with neutral tones
  • Gentle highlighting, contouring and blush application
  • Eye make-up with more depth, including eyeliner and curled lashes
  • Using lipsticks with gentle and alluring earthy orange or nude shades.

Make-up in Thai style

Kim Tuyen Academy guides you on how to lớn vì thế the perfect Thai-style make-up!

Step 1: Apply foundation

Take an appropriate amount of liquid foundation that suits your skin. Then, use a sponge to lớn evenly spread it over the corners of your face.

Apply concealer to lớn cover up any blemishes, dark spots, or acne. Then, apply setting powder.

Step 2: Shape the eyebrows into an arch

You need to lớn shape the eyebrow first, trim the eyebrows, and then use an eyebrow pencil to lớn draw the eyebrow shape that fits your face.

Draw the eyebrows with a pencil, gently outlining the shape. Note that it should not be too thick as it will not look natural.

Emphasize the eyebrows by using foundation and applying it to lớn the eyebrow bone. This will help to lớn cover up any flaws around the eyebrows.

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Step 3: Make your eyes stand out

Choose a brown shade and apply it evenly on your eyelids with a brush.

Use eyeliner to lớn draw a line above your eyelashes, slightly flicking it upwards at the over.

Line about 1/3 of your lower lash line, then connect it with the line above to lớn create a liên kết. Use a brush to lớn blend brown shimmering eyeshadow on the lower lash line to lớn create a border for your eyes. Next, use white shimmering eyeshadow to lớn highlight the inner corners of your eyes, apply false eyelashes, and finish with mascara.

Step 4: Create Contour

Use a brown contour powder to lớn apply on both sides of the nose bridge. Use white highlighter to lớn create a focal point for the nose bridge. Then, use a brown shimmer powder to lớn apply on both cheeks. Create contour on the jawline and both sides of the forehead, then blend it in with the foundation to lớn create a harmonious look.

Step 5: Apply lipstick

Choose a nude shade of lipstick to lớn help create a harmonious look for your face.

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Short-term courses are regularly organized at various locations.

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