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Chinese Drama 2021

Crush (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


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  • Crush poster

    Genre: Romance, Music, Tsundere,

  • Release Date: 3 August 2021
  • Origin: China, Adapted from a novel
  • Cdrama: 24 Episodes


  • Wan Peng as Sang Wu Yan
  • Evan Lin Yan Jun as Su Nian Qin/Yi Jin
  • Li Jia Hao as Wei Wu
  • Li Jia Qi as Yu Xiao Lu (Nian Qin’s Manager)
  • Zhao Xin as Wu Wei Lan
  • Wang Ce as Su Huai Shan
  • Shao Hao Fan as Liu Lei
  • Lin Zhe Yu as Zhao Ying
  • Mary Ma as Sang Wu Yan’s mother
  • Cai Gang as Ssng Wu Yan’s father
  • Yu Kun Niu as Xu Qian
  • Cong Shang as Xiao Wei
  • Zeng Yi Xuan as Nie Xie

Quick Precis

A gorgeous idol with personality issues learned to lighten up when he met a bright and cheeky girl working as a station assistant.

Filming will commence in September 2020.

Episode 1

Sang Wu Yan is a third-year student in psychology and her parents who are both academics wanted her to pursue graduate studies as well.

Sang Wu Yan has a part-time job in a radio station as an assistant.  One of the radio hosts was late so Wuyan substituted for her.

She learned that she has an aptitude for radio hosting and actually likes it.

It was a good thing that she found her passion because she discovered that her childhood sweetheart, who was her implicit boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend.

Anyway, Sang Wu Yan found comfort in the music written by Yi Jin.  She absolutely adored him despite not knowing anything about him because he was so elusive.

Then she got a shock when news came out the Yi JIn was a girl.

She was a little upset that Yi JIn was a girl; just like many fans, she wanted to marry her idol one day.  In her mindset, this has now become superiorly impossible as she was not into girls.  👧

She knew this when she saw a guy in the park who she fell in love with at first sight.  A violinist was playing music to him.

The guy did not pay any attention to her though except for the irritation factor when she sat on an adjacent bench to his.  She put on her earphones and started singing her heart’s out to a Yi Jin song.  She was so out of tune.

She noticed that he was looking at her rather askance.  She ran off in embarrassment.

She saw him again at the radio station.  They were in the lift together when she realised that the gorgeous guy was visually impaired.  He was blind.

Still, she can’t help herself but stare at him hungrily.  LOL

Wuyan was at the station to see who the special guest would be but she was called by her friend to return to university because their professor was assigning the internships.

So poor Wuyan, she missed learning that the special guest was Yi Jin.

He clarified that Yi Jin being a girl was fake news because he is very much a guy.

He was Su Nian Qin whose alter ego is Yi Jin.

Wuyan caught the end of the mini-interview of Yi Jin and she was very upset that she missed meeting her idol.

Wuyan had been assigned as an intern at a special school.

On her first day, she met Su Nian Qin at the school.

They do have chemistry even at this early stage.  Wan Peng is so engaging while Evan Li had that arrogant look.

Episode 2

Wuyan started working at the school and liking seeing Nian Qin.  She worried for a little bit whether he might think she was stalking him because they keep meeting each other.

She was overheard by Nian Qin when she was on the phone one afternoon talking to her friend.  She said that she was doing her interning at the school to get her marks.

There was a scene that was rather hilarious.  She asked Nian Qin to help her out during her music class.  She knew that he can play the piano.

She was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Nian Qin had to play the keys according to her pitch.  At one point she complained that his playing doesn’t sound right and he said he was just following her singing. (She was so tone deaf)

After the class she thanked him but he told that she was not really sensitive to her pupils because she was only doing the work for her grade rather than wanting to help and educate.  He said that it was ok because the orphan children they were looking after were so starved of attention the kids would be contented with momentary fake affection.

Wuyan did not take this rebuke too hard as she is a cheerful girl and did not really mean what she said over the phone.

Wuyan ran into Wei Wu, who apologised to her once again.  He told her that he was so drunk, his kiss with Xu Qian was an accident.  She told Wei Wu that she does not care.  They were so over.

Wuyan was transferred to the news department of the radio station.  It so happens that Xu Qian was also working there.

Xu Qian tried to speak with Wuyan but in the end, she kept quiet.

It turned out that Xu Qian was a member of the band with Wei Wu.  Xu Qian felt so guilty about what happened and to her friendship with Wuyan, she quit the band.

Wuyan’s father sent her loads of glutinous rice balls.  As she can’t eat them all, she gave some away to the other teachers but Nian Qin turned them down.

Episode 3

Only Wan Peng could make a chatterbox girl tolerable!  LOL

Anyway, poor Nian Qin became such an utter fascination to Wuyan that she actually pestered him to bits.

A new song by Yi Jin had been released which convinced her that Nian Qin was Yi Jin.  The lyrics to the new song was the same as the topic of conversation she had with Nian Qin previously.  She also remembered that she saw him by the radio station on the day Yi Jin was going to be interviewed.

So she asked Nian Qin if he was Yi Jin.  He did not reply but Wuyan wanted answers so he asked her who was Yi Jin.

Wuyan did not believe that he was not Yi Jin.

Xu Qian saw them sitting on the bench together.

Wuyan put her hands on Nian Qin’s arm and told Xu Qian that he was her boyfriend.

Nian Qin removed her hands and stood to go.

Wuyan told the smirking Xu Qian that her boyfriend was very shy.

She then continued to follow poor Nian Qin.  She asked him to go and get some dinner and he refused, she harassed him by creating a scene in the middle of the street.  Saying that she was pregnant with their baby and he was treating her coldly after he had an affair with her best friend.  She was really on full flow with her imagination.

People started sniggering and felt pity for the poor pregnant girlfriend.

Nian Qin had no other choice but to tell Wuyan to stop crying and he will do want she wanted.

She said she wanted KFC.

Episode 4

At KFC, Nian Qin quizzed Wuyan why she cried

She told him she was just pretending but he perceptively said that there was more to it than mere pretending.

Wuyan told him about her history with both Wei Wu and Xu Qian.

Wei Wu was her childhood sweetheart, they grew up in the same building.  Their fathers were best friends.  They were expected to progress to the next level and they both did not mind it at all.

Then a girl transferred to her school.  She was Xu Qian.  She was aloof at first but radiantly beautiful.

In the end, they became best friends and she introduced Xu Qian to Wei Wu.  The three of them became good friends.

Wei Wu and Xu Qian were into music so they formed a band which Wuyan named Momo.  They got more members to join to make a proper working band.

Everything was good until she saw Wei Wu and Xu Qian one evening kissing passionately.  She was betrayed by her best friend with her boyfriend.

When Xiao Lu, Nian Qin’s assistant/carer turned up to take him home, Wuyan cheekily called out to Nian Qin, “Daddy”

Xiao Lu was intrigued but Nian Qin said that Wuyan was joking.

The next day, it was young Xiao Wei’s birthday.  Nian Qin stopped Wuyan from giving the child presents.  Nian Qin said that it was cruel to make the child begins to expect presents, cakes, and candles whenever she has a birthday.

Nian Qin further explained that he knew this as he himself grew up in a welfare home.

Wuyan offered Nian Qin sweets but he turned them down because he doesn’t like them.

That night Nian Qin had a nightmare; it was the same dream when his mother left him at a big house.  She gave Nian Qin a bag of sweets and told him to practice the piano, to remember the song she taught him.

His mother walked backwards towards the road, still looking at him when she got run over by a car.

There was a cute scene where Wuyan gave Nian Qin a satsuma.  She drew a caricature of Nian Qian on the satsuma.  He took the satsuma home and was so gutted when he found out that Xiao Lu ate the satsuma.  Nian Qin wanted to know where he threw the peel away! Awww so sweet.

Episode 5

Wuyan was assigned to interview a singer-songwriter. She can’t help herself from asking how he could compare to Yi Jin.

The artist did not take kindly to her question as he found it rather confrontational, his fans also noticed this.  They started sending Wuyan hate messages.

The radio station boss told her off for lacking tact.

At the university, Wuyan saw Wei Wu trying to talk to Xu Qian who was not receptive to anything he had to say.

Wei Wu then noticed Wuyan.

They had a heart-to-heart about it and their relationship.  Wuyan told Wei Wu that he was now free to date Xu Qian without feeling guilty about her because Wuyan had realised that she had never loved Wei Wu.

Her feelings for him were brought on by just complying with what the family wanted and expected from her and Wei Wu.

She said that she knew Wei Wu did feel something for her but it was now gone too.

The next day, Wuyan was with Nian Qin when she got a telephone call from Wei Wu who wanted to meet up and talk.

Nian Qin invited himself.  He said he will be there for Wuyan because he still remember that she was having problems with an ex-boyfriend.

There were already at the restaurant when Wuyan confessed that she had cleared the air with Wei Wu.

Sometimes, Wuyan is skeptical that Nian Qin is really blind.  He seemed he could tell when she was around.

But they had a near falling out again when Wuyan said she was happy that young girl Xiao Wei was being adopted.

Nian Qin said that he was against it.  It would be traumatic for Xiao Wei if one day she is sent back to the orphanage because her new parents can’t cope.

Episode 6

Xiao Wei’s adoption was not as easy as Wu Yan thought. She can see how stressed the little child was.  She told Nian Qin that she finally understood what he meant before.

Anyway, Wu Yan thought they should grant Xiao Wei’s wish of being able to ride a Ferries’ Wheel.  So she asked Nian Qian to go with her to the amusement park with Xiao Wei.

Nian Qin was not interested so Wu Yan took Xiao Wei by herself. She was just reminding Xiao Wei what to do if they got separated when Wu Yan noticed Nian Qin beside them.

Nian Qin said that he had to be there to help look after Xiao Wei.

They had a great time which culminated in going up to the Ferries’ Wheel.

Wu Yan could not help herself.  She stood very near Nian Qin and stared at his luscious lips.

Nian Qin told her that she was very forward and reminded her that men usually initiate it (the kiss).

Wu Yan was shocked and asked how did he know what she was doing.

He told her that he never told her that he was blind because he was not totally blind.  He could sort of notice what’s around him up to three feet away.

She was still mouthing off but he told her to calm down, there is a child with them.

When she got home, she was telling her friend how embarrassed she was.  She had been flirting a storm towards him because she thought he can’t see what was she doing and all the time he knew.

The next day, Nian Qin was told by the principal that his services would no longer be needed as the staff on maternity who Nian Qin was substituting for was ready to come back to work immediately.

Nian Qin wanted to know where Wuyan was but he was told that she was on leave.

Wuyan could not keep away though so she left the interviewing for her part-time job at the radio station to Xu Qian so she could go back to the welfare house and see Nian Qin.

Episode 7

Nian Qin asked her if she likes him.

Wuyan immediately said ‘Yes’

Then he asked her, why does she like him?

Suddenly Wuyan was lost for words.

Nian Qin left her while she was still grappling for words and that was the last time she saw him because Nian Qin left the school without really saying goodbye to anyone.

Poor Wuyan was absolutely heartbroken especially when Nian Qin would not answer any of her calls.

She was trying to get over him but she can’t.

What she doesn’t know was that Nian Qin was also pining for her.  Even Xiao Wei told him to contact the girl.

But he just couldn’t until one day he heard a letter being read on his favourite radio station.  It was from Wuyan.

She explained why she likes him.

Finally, he tried to call her but this time she failed to answer her phone because she was going downhill fast.

She was not only lovelorn but she just found out that Xu Qian was leaving the radio station for another job.

She felt being abandoned again.  She previously mentioned to Xu Qian that she could take being without Wei Hao but not her because she is her best friend.

The stress made her sick.

Alone in the apartment, she collapsed in bed.  Her phone somehow automatically returned Nian Qin’s missed call.

Nian Qin immediately knew that there was something wrong with her and begged her to tell him her house address.

Still not fully with it, she opened her door and found the gorgeous Nian Qin looking worried.  She then fell into him and he lovingly caressed her hair.  Awwww

Episode 8

He is so ADORABLE!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love the treatment of this drama, it is like going to see a play in the theatre.  I also love the instrumental background. the oboe, the cello, and the piano.  It gives that play feels, very classy.

Anyway, they were awkward at first but he really likes and her illness brought the caring side of him.

He carried her down the stairs.  They fell down and yet he did not give up, he brought her to the hospital and found out that she has measles.

He then took her to his home and made her comfortable.

Episode 9

Nie Xi

Watching movies

Separated on the metro

Becoming more extrovert, chatty

Went home to celebrate new year with parents,

Episode 10

Mother came to visit because worried about Wuyan having a blind boyfriend as being an orphan.

Father collapsed from a brain hemorrhage.

Wuyan moved in with Nian Qin.

Episode 11

Nian Qin went berserk when he found out that a supposed simple frame was a family photo including his father and stepmother.

He tore the photo and told Wuyan that he wanted to be alone.

Wuyan then found out from Xiao Lu that she was Nian Qin’s non-blood auntie.  She is Nian Qin’s stepmother’s sister.

She also later found that Nian Qin was from the mega-rich  Su family who owns oil rigs and cosmetic company amongst others.

Xiao Lu told her to convince him to go see his father in the hospital because he was confined for liver cancer.

Wu Yan cannot take in that he was so rich and hid it from her.  She remembered her mother telling her that if Nian Qin comes from a rich family, their gap would be too wide.

Wu Yan walked out in the middle of an argument with Nian Qin after calling him arrogant and tyrannical.

She did not know what he had gone through with his father.  His father cannot take in Nian Qin’s disability so he cast him away to a welfare house.  He has then gotten married immediately after Nian Qin’s mother died not once but three times.  His latest wife was actually a friend of Nian Qin.

Wuyan’s mother rang her phone which she forgot at Nian Qin’s house.

Nian Qin answered it and got a blasting from Wuyan’s mother for leading their daughter astray and ruining a carefully planned future for her.  She implied that Wu Yan instead would be left looking after a blind man for the rest of her life.😭😭😭

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Episode 12

Poor Nian Qin was missing Wuyan.

Wuyan was staying away but was surprised that Nian Qin had not come to get her yet.

Then one morning, Yi Jin came to the radio station and everything is well with them again.

They were both at home when Wuyan’s mother called.

Later, Nian Qin asked her if his blindness truly do not bother her.

She took his gorgeous face on her hand and told him seriously that she actually admire his eyes because they are pure and pristine and do not really see the nastiness in the world.

Wuyan made Nian Qin an audiobook about love.

She had to explain the ending to him that the male protagonist loves the female that is why he needs her.

Nian Qin told her to close her eyes and he then kissed her eyelids and said that he needs her too. 🥰

Wuyan presented her thesis regarding Oorf Process to music education for children.

Episode 13

The Momo band is being signed on by Xiao Lu.

Poor Nian Qin was missing Wuyan who moved back to her old apartment so she could be near her school as it was almost graduation time.

It was graduation and Nian Qin turned up in a tuxedo and looks gorgeous.

He presented Wuyan with just one rose.

Wuyan was disappointed and called him stingy but later said that he gave her just one rose because she is the only rose in the world.  Awww

Wuyan’s mother called and congratulated her but she told her daughter that her father is away on a business trip; did not tell her that he was laid up in the hospital.

The Momo gave a mini-concert.  After it, Wei Hao asked Xu Qian to be his girlfriend which she finally agreed to. Awww.

Nian Qin told Xiao Lu earlier that he had never thought of his future much less marriage but suddenly he was not averse to getting married.

In preparation, he went to consult an eye doctor with Xiao Lu.

Nian Qin’s father signed a consent form to transplant his cornea after his death.  He needed a liver transplant but there was currently no donors.

Xiao Lu told this to Nian Qin who told her to Wuyan.

He told Wuyan that he just can’t forgive his father, the grudge was to deep to overcome.

Wuyan told him to forgive himself and it was ok to not get over his grudge for the moment.

Her understanding touched him he asked her to marry him.

She was quite happy to marry him.

He called his father to tell him that he was getting married and his fiancee wanted to meet him.

They made an appointment for the following day.

His stopmother came to visit which made Nian Qin so annoyed.

The stepmother was just leaving when Wuyan arrived.

She asked Nian Qin who was that someone she saw leaving the house.

“Nobody”, said Nian Qin.

Wuyan was too preoccupied to quiz him more about it because she just found out that her father was very ill.

She went to her room to pack.

Nian Qin found her and asked where she was going.

She told him that she will go back home and that she will not be able to go with him to meet his father.

Seriously, Wuyan could have easily said that her father was very ill so she had to go home instead she incited Nian Qin to near breaking point.

She told Nian that they will registered their marriage as soon as she gets back.  But he kept begging her to stay.

She would not tell him the truth so their situation got ugly with Nian Qin throwing his walking stick to their framed photograph shattering the glass.

She did not have time to explain and left him.

Episode 14

Wuyan’s mother did not appreciate her showing up at the hospital.  Thank goodness her father was very kind and told her that he trust her judgement when she confessed that her boyfriend is visually impaired with complicated family background.

Her mother told her to go back home because they don’t really need her.  They have their pension to keep them.

Her relationship with her mother eventually got better but she mentioned why Wei Hao managed to visit while Nian Qin was a no-show.

She found out later that Nian Qin’s father almost died,  Nian Qin rushed to  the hospital and collapsed with worries about her father and and Wuyan.

Xiao Lu called Wuyan about Nan Qin.

Wuyan’s mother and father told her to go and see Nian Qin.

When she got there, she overheard Nian Qin speaking with his stepmother that Nian Qin’s mother was against him because he is blind.

Wuyan was so annoyed she left him immediately.

Episode 15

Wuyan’s father passed away and her mother cannot contact her.  No one can contact her because she was on the rooftop drinking herself silly.

The next day, she woke up from her hangover and found countless missed calls.  She then called Wei Hao and he told her that her father had passed away.

She raced downstairs and found that Nian Qin was waiting for her.

She told him that she doesn’t want to see him again in this lifetime.

When she got home, her mother was very upset with her.

Poor Nian Qin was blaming himself,   He was heartbroken that Wuyan broke up with her.

Wuyan was in denial that it was mostly her fault that she cannot be contacted.  She drunk when there was really any reason for it.

She should have caught the last train or bus to her hometown to be with her mother or father but instead, she was drinking.

Wuyan resigned from her job.

She then went drinking again and when she woke up she was in the hospital because she and Cheng Yi got trapped in the elevator.

Meanwhile,  Nian Qin becoming a menace to his neighbourhood for his non-stop piano playing.  He was playing Wuyan’s favourite Moonlight by Debussy.

I am not liking this episode.  It was not really well written.  I am not really sure why Wuyan was blaming Nian Qin for everything.  It was really all her fault, she was so self-indulgent.  Plus all their problems were surmountable so why does she now wish she was dead?

Episode 16

Wei Hao found a proper job.

Wuyan went back hope.  She ignored Xiao Lu’s plea not to leave.  She told her that he wanted to see her before her father died but his father was rushed to the hospital.

Wuyan said it was nothing to do with her.  She really tried to love Nian Qin but she can’t anymore.

Meanwhile, Nian Qin was undergoing a very complex cornea transplant which his stepmother told him was arranged by his father.

Seriously, I think this stepmother has a crush of Nian Qin.;

The really only decent people in this drama were Wuyan’s father but he died and the other was Xiao Lu.

Nian Qin should marry her.😜😜😜

The eye operation is a success.  Nian Qin told his father that he was coming back home and becoming a gorgeous CEO of their company.

His father asked him why he thought he can just come home but Nian Qin cannot be intimidated.

His father asked him what happened to the girl he was going to bring home.

Nian Qin said simply that she doesn’t want him anymore.

Nian Qin looked for a photo of Wuyan but could not find out any.

Wuyan found a night job in a small radio station in her hometown.

Yi Jin realised a new song which might be his final song called Crush.  And it was about Wuyan asking to restart again for his sake.

Episode 17

Wei Hao told Auntie and Wu Yan  that he wanted to marry Xu Qian.

Blabbermouth WuYan told XuQian’s grandma about it which was overheard by Xu Qian.

It so happened that Wei Hao walked in so Xu Qian asked if he was really going to propose.  She then said to propose now.

Wei Hao proposed and she accepted.

They immediately arranged a wedding.

Wuyan was late one night in her radio program.  A Yu Jin song was playing which stopped her on her track.

What she did not know was that her most avid listener was Nian Qin who had tasked his new assistant to request for the song Crush to be played often.

Episode 18

This episode is a product placement for KFC.

It is so cute.

After three years the two protagonists are still into each other but they are not acting on it despite having met again.

Wuyang also found out that the watch given to her by NIan Qin was a limited edition, a collectors’ item and very expensive.

Anyway, XuQian made her promised to go see Nian Qin and talk out everything that had happened three years ago for closure so she could move on.

Episode 19

This is so cute.

He was so masterful.  He still thinks of her as his.  That he was holding her to her promise of registering their marriage soon.

He said he will never love anyone that is why she should pity him and be with him.

So cute.

Episode 20

Nian Qin was doing everything to win Wuyan but it was not working.

Then came Xiao Lu to the rescue.

She went to see Wuyan and explained that Nian Qin loves Wuyan so much that to get through the night Nian Qian relied on alcohol and forever listening to the MP3 Wuyan gave him.  He became an alcoholic when he lost Wuyan.

He left her alone for three years because he felt guilty of what happened to Wuyan’s father but when he found out that Wuyan had been going on blind dates, he arranged that he has business at Tongcheng to be around Wuyan.

With this revelation, Wuyan wanted to discuss this with Xu Qian. They got drinking or rather Wuyan got drunk and called Nian Qin who was in the middle of a dinner celebration with the TORO.

Immediately he went to get the drunk or pretending to be drunk Wuyan and took her to his hotel while she was still clutching a bottle of Tsingtao.


Episode 21

They can’t keep away from each other as noticed by Wuyan’s mother who thought that Nian Qin was handsome.  As handsome as her husband when he was still young.

Episode 22

It was the New Year which they celebrated at her mother’s.

Nian Qin gave Wuyan a lovely diamond ring which made her mother happy.

They then went to the cemetery the next day to visit her father.

The mother to leave them for a while.  She spoke to Nian Qin and apologised to him for the way she spoke to him previously.

Nian Qin assured her not to worry.

The mother then said that Wuyan was an adored child, loved by everyone and she was leaving Wuyan to Nian Qin and she hoped Nian Qin would never give Wuyan a cause to be unhappy.

The mother could see that Nian Qin was serious when he said he would.

The next day, Wei Hao found Nan Qin alone at the house as Wuyan’s mother was visiting relatives and Wuyan had insisted to go alone to visit Cheng Yin.

Wei Hao was surprised that Nian Qin still did not know about Cheng Yin, that she had died almost three years ago.

Wei Hao then said that Cheng Yin and Wuyan got trapped in the elevator.  Cheng Yin has claustrophobia and undiagnosed heart disease.

After the incident, Wuyan pretended that Cheng Yin was alive.  This was the only way that she could cope.

Episode 23

Nian Qin finally allowed his family to meet Wuyan but he warned them especially his father not to say anything that would upset Wuyan.

Nian Qin became more protective of Wuyan but she finds this as Nian Qin being so clingy, very unlike his old self.

Wuyan and Nian Qin had a beautiful wedding attended by their nearest and dearest.

Now their married life… both are getting used to it.

Nian Qin started creating rituals that Wuyan finds rather tiresome.  This was when he comes home from work, he would ring the doorbell and kiss his wife as a welcome.

Episode 24

Wuyan mentioned this Xiao Lu who said that it was Nian Qin’s way of showing that she was the most important person to him and that he finds coming home comforting.

Wuyan started tolerating it, just.

The next time Nian Qin came home, she was waiting for him but there was also someone in the hosue.

She brought home the autistic kid, Xiao Jie, which became a source of jealousy for Nian Qin.

Wuyan giggled that Nian Qin is competing against a child for her attention.

A few days later Wuyan found out that she was pregnant.

Nian Qin was so happy and tried to wrap Wuyan in cotton wool.

Nian Qin consulted his doctor if blindness is hereditary.  He was told that it was too soon to tell.

Wuyan assured Nian Qin that whatever happens the baby is already a winner having a good father.

Someone revealed that Nian Qin was the lyricist who just disappeared.

It became huge news as he was the CEO of a major company.  They were hounded by the press.

Poor Wuyan started to have stomach pain.  Nian Qin took her to the hospital and it was touch and go for a while.

Wuyan was so worried about the baby but Nian Qin said so be it which upset Wuyan. She asked what if she dies.

Nian Qin said she will not die because if she does he will find someone else immediately and forget about Wuyan within days so she has to make sure she doesn’t die.

She did not die.  She woke up from a dream of Cheng Yin saying goodbye to her.

Nian Qin was beside her and assured her that their baby is fine.

A few years later, they were walking in the park with their cute little who was thoroughly spoiled by Nian Qin.  He did say that he wanted a little girl to spoil.

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The End