CONSERVATION Môn Tiếng anh Lớp 10

Đề đua nhập lớp 10 môn giờ đồng hồ Anh – Đề số 10 (Có đáp án)

(1-3). Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.

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1. a. type b. myth c. style         d. supply

2. a. course b. trouser c.  house      d.  account

3. a. keen b. kind        c. keep         d.  know

(4-5). Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others.
a. campus
b. scenery
c. slavery
d. compose

a. remote
b. respond
c. recent
d. resource

(6-20). Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in each sentence.

6. When she came_____ , she found herself in a hospital.
a. out
b. round
c. off
d. over

7. I was disappointed_______ the grade I received on my last essay.
a. for
b. on
c. with
d. to

8. Mr. Grisby is charge of the marketing department.
a. on
b. at
c. in
d. for

9. The game was cancelled________ torrential rain.
a. In spite of
b. instead of
c. because of
d. provided that

10. I went to tát three bookstores, but I didn’t find the book__________ .
a. I needed
b. I needed it
c. that I needed it
d. to tát which I needed

11. We _____ be here. That sign says NO TRESPASSING.
a. couldn’t
b. don’t have to
c. might not
d. aren’t supposed to

12. I expect________ at the airport by my uncle.
a. to tát meet
b. to tát be met
c. meeting
d. being met

13. Instead of buying a new pair of shoes, I had my old ones___________ .
a. repair
b. to tát repair
c. repaired
d. to tát be repaired

14. Do you mind______you some advice? ~ Not at all. I’d appreciate it.
a. giving
b. bủ to tát give
c. if I give
d. if I gave

15. The students are looking forward________ their weekends in the countryside.
a. to tát spend
b. spend
c. spending
d. to tát spending

16. Yesterday we watched television all evening_______ we didn’t have anything better to tát vì thế.
a. when
b. as
c. while
d. though

17. Neither you nor me_______ responsible for the bad result.
a. are
b. am
c. is
d. have

18. Please don’t leave until your teacher________ back.
a. comes
b. will come
c. is coming
d. came

19. Nowadays children prefer playing computer games___________ books.
a. phàn nàn reading
b. to tát read
c. to tát reading
d. phàn nàn read

20. Make exercise a part of your daily__________ .
a. chore
b. frequency
c. action
d. routine

(21-25). Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting.

21. What (A) I told you yesterday were (B) not the best solutions (C) to tát solve your problems(D).

22. The choice of which (A) restaurant to go to (B) for tonight’s meal (C) is entirely your (D).

23. I’m (A) tired although (B) I stayed up late (C) to tát vì thế all my homework (D) last night.

24. The teacher told (A) us to read (B) the poem but do not learn (C) by heart (D).

25.I got (A) my father let (B) me borrow (C) his car for (D) the weekend.

(26-30). Use the correct sườn of the word given in each sentence.

26. Cigarette______________ should be banned, (advertise)

27. I have a number of ____________ about the service in this khách sạn, (complain)

28. Various kinds of colorful flowers___________ this garden, (beautiful)

29. The weather today was_____________ hot. (extreme)

30. The teaching staff are all highly ________________ . (qualify)

(31-38). Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

There is no (31)_____ that in recent years the number of motor vehicles on the road has increased significantly. This has (32)__________ to tát numerous problems such as (33)____ in air pollution, a higher accident rate and, of course, far more (34)____ congestion. Some argue that if public (35)________ played a greater .role, then some of these problems might be (36) However, the current situation is (37) to tát change in the near future (38)_________ certain actions are taken.

a. change
b. doubt
c. certainty
d. suspicion

a. pushed
b. caused
c. allowed
d. led

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a. rise
b. raise
c. risk
d. arise

a. vehicle
b. transport
c. traffic
d. motorbike

a. transport
b. pressure
c. system
d. interest

a. increased
b. reduced
c. organized
d. progressed

a. like
b. alike
c. likable
d. unlikely

a. when
b. if
c. while
d. unless

(39-43). Read the passage below carefully and choose the correct answer a, b, c or d.

Computerization in high schools in the us has had a good effect on students’ learning. Students today learn quite differently from in the past. Firstly, computers can help teachers explain the lessons interestingly in the classroom, which allows students to tát get a clearer idea about what is being taught. Secondly, CD-ROM and the Internet can provide students with a lot of data resources that can be got by simple keystrokes or mouse-clicks. This increase the tốc độ at which students learn by minimizing the time spent on searching for information. To sum up, computerization has enabled high school students to tát learn in faster, easier and more efficient ways.

– Computerization (n) năng lượng điện toán hóa
– Keystroke (n) sự bấm phím bên trên bàn phím

39. According to tát the writer, computers____________ .
a. are not available in high schools
b. are not necessary
c. are helpful to tát both teachers and students
d. can not be used as teaching sida.

40. Computers helps teachers____________
a. explain the lessons differently
b. give interesting lessons
c. get a clearer idea about what they are teaching
d. have more time to tát prepare their lessons

41. Thanks to tát the Internet, students can_________________ .
a. get information quickly
b. study at home
c. learn differently
d. have more time to tát play

42. According to tát the passage, computerization____________ .
a. makes students spend more time searching for information
b. should be applied widely
c. allows students to tát have clear ideas
d. helps students learn faster, easier and more efficient.

43. Which of the following is not mentioned in the passage?
a. High schools in the us have computerized.
b. Students can get a lot of data from CD-ROM and the Internet.
c. With a computer, teachers can tốc độ up their teaching process.
d. Computerization can shorten the learning process.

(44-46). Choose the sentence (a, b, c or d) that is almost the same in meaning as the sentence given.

44. My father usually plays tennis on Saturday mornings.
a. My father used to tát play tennis on Saturday mornings.
b. My father is used to tát play tennis on Saturday mornings.
c. My father is used to tát playing tennis on Saturday mornings.
d. My father gets used to tát playing tennis on Saturday mornings.

45. It’s time to tát ask for his help.
a. He’s been asked for his help.
b. He ought to tát be asked for help,
c. At the time he was asked for help.
d. He’s now being asked to tát help.

46. She started to tát teach French at the university ten years ago.
a. She has been teaching French at the university for ten years.
b. The last time she taught French at the university was ten years ago.
c. It’s ten years since she taught French at the university.
d. She taught French at the University for ten years.

(47-50). Rewrite the sentences so sánh that they are nearest in meaning to tát the sentence printed before them.

47. He crashed his siêu xe although he drove carefully.


48. It’s a pity that you can’t stay longer.

I wish__________________________________________________________

49. This mobile phone is not as cheap as I thought it would be.

This mobile phone is______________________________________________

50. It is the most thrilling film I’ve ever seen.

I have__________________________________________________________

Đáp án

1. b
2. a
3. d
4. d
5. c

6. b
7. c
8. c
9. c
10. a
11. a
12. b
13. c
14. c
15. d
16. b
17. b
18. a
19. c
20. d

21. B (was)
22. D (yours)
23. B (because)
24. B (because)
25. B (to let)

26. advertising
27. complaints
28. beautify
29. extremely
30. extremely

31. b
32. d
33. a
34. c
35. a
36. b
37. d
38. d
39. c
40. b
41. a
42. d
43. c

44. c
45. b
46. a

47. Despite his careful driving, he crashed his car

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48. I wish you could stay longer.

49. This mobile phone is more expensive phàn nàn I thought.

50. I have never seen such a thrilling film before/ so sánh thrilling a film before.